Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Triple Cover Release by Katheryn Kiden

Cover designs for Sound Proof, Fall Out, 
and American Made by Double K Designs

Sound Proof

AJ Masterson lives for the rush of being onstage. The only thing he finds remotely satisfying besides playing his drums, is playing with the groupies that come along with the gig. That is, until he hits on the one woman that doesn’t fall for his charm and immediately drop to her knees. It leaves him wondering if everything he’s ever wanted will leave him empty in the end.
Payton Kinsley learned the hard way that when life knocks you down, you get back up. When illness took her ability to hear as a teenager, Payton didn’t give up. She fought and now commands a courtroom while handling the legal affairs for IronSound Records. When Payton’s world starts tumbling again, she is forced to pick up the pieces for herself and her two daughters.
Can these two see beyond everything crashing down around them and grab ahold of a chance at happiness together? Or will Payton refuse to risk her heart on the one man that wants to protect her from everything that could possibly hurt her?

Fall Out

Seven days. That’s all Ariana Coleman has to make it through until her husband, Brett, gets home from the uncertain future that his job holds for him. Seven days until she can touch him and they can finally get back to living their lives.
One hundred and sixty-eight hours. That’s all that’s left of being apart.  
Ari has always been one to stick to routine while Brett is deployed. One change that seems harmless leaves her wondering if the outcome is her fault.
Will she be able to move on with what she is convinced is her doing? Or will the wrong person showing up on her doorstep send her into a depression so deep there may be no light in sight?

American Made

Emerson Hollis has always been a protector and does a job that most grown men wouldn’t do. She doesn’t do it because she likes it, she does it to protect the people, and the country, that she loves. When stray bullets threaten to take away the only thing she knows how to do, it may actually prove to be exactly what she needs.
Gentry Rice lives and breathes his job as a rescue swimmer. That is until the new guy on his crew brings a friend along for a drink after their shift. She’s everything he could ever want but never knew he needed.
The one thing they have in common could be the one thing to pull them apart.
Will Emerson be able to handle when her new path forces her past into the present? Can Gentry get her to see that things she thinks make her weak, are actually what force her to be strong?

Katheryn Kiden
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